Exeter Pilgrimage 2012

Welcome to the 2012 pilgrimage!

These pages now contain the latest plans for our 2012 pilgrimage.

Walking in Prayer - The Prayer that Jesus taught us

2012 Resources

CAJUFAD Summary Route CardsDetailed Route Cards
Pilgrim CodeEquipment List
Theme Sheet - The Lord's Prayer
You can still download a poster and application form, but applications are now closed.

Our diary this year will be populated via Twitter - participating pilgrims will Tweet (hopefully with pictures) and these will build the diary here in real time. Let's hope it all works!

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 0

Jonathan Gamble (@jonny2gamble) at 10:03 on 09/08/12

The accommodation office doing some final checks. Pilgrimage 2012

Fran Gamble (@FrantasticFran) at 10:08 on 09/08/12

Euan Parsons Anthony Gamble follow Pilgrimage 2012 to keep up to date with what's going on this year x

Jonathan Gamble (@jonny2gamble) at 11:36 on 09/08/12

Pilgrimage 2012 Looking forward to Saturday!!!

Jonathan Gamble (@jonny2gamble) at 14:00 on 09/08/12

Pilgrimage 2012 Off to buy pins!!

Clare Gamble (@clare_gamble) at 10:49 on 10/08/12

Pilgrimage 2012 shiny new arrows!

John Chenery (@orangearrowman) at 15:05 on 10/08/12

Pilgrimage 2012 Weather forecast for Sunday: largely fine with some sharp showers

Aidan Simons (@aidansimons) at 15:14 on 10/08/12

Loading the van - photo attached!!! Many thanks Howard and Theresa. Alison Pilgrimage 2012

John Chenery (@orangearrowman) at 15:26 on 10/08/12

Pilgrimage 2012 test tweet from my thick mobile

John Chenery (@orangearrowman) at 15:36 on 10/08/12

Pilgrimage 2012 Many many thanks to Howard and Theresa who are now going to be our van drivers for the entire pilgrimage

Michael Gamble (@MikeGamble88) at 1:18 on 11/08/12

My last night in a proper bed for 2 weeks as Pilgrimage 2012 from Bath to Exeter starts tomorrow #sorryfeet