Exeter Pilgrimage 2012

Day 1: Gather in Bath


Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 1

Safe journey to all those travelling to join today. It will be strange not being with you... Walk in the light Aidan Simons

Nice day for a walk. #packedmysuncream Jonathan Gamble

day 1 dawns but my brain is still full of the Olympics! John Chenery

The car packed and ready for Michael Gamble

Just got to #Bath waiting for the hall to open Michael Gamble

Registration on Michael Gamble

Bath abbey John Chenery

This year's cross Michael Gamble

Howard and Theresa sort out the van for the beginning of the Michael Gamble

A novel way of drying the kitchenware!! Jonathan Gamble

meanwhile down the pub roger spilt his cider when Mo Farrah won the 5k John Chenery

Hope someone at bought Roger another cider - he deserves it! Aidan Simons

The grumpy old men (Jack, Geoff and Howard) are hard at work doing the washing up on Michael Gamble