Exeter Pilgrimage 2012

Day 7: Glastonbury to Bridgwater

God's Will: Thy Will be done upon the Earth as it is in Heaven
What is God's Will? How can this be done on earth?

We begin our second leg with the longest day, and yet the flattest; with overgrown vegetation and a certain wetness under foot, trousers and stout walking shoes are advised for at least until after lunch. With stunning and varied scenery, we will also visit some delightful, classic churches at Ashcott, Moorlinch and Sutton Mallet. Lunch is at the Ring o' Bells in Moorlinch where there is an opportunity to pre-order food.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 7

Louise looks back to Glastonbury Michael Gamble

Anne and Marie wonder how to get to the tyre-swing above the weir Michael Gamble

Basil has joined us for today's wall Michael Gamble

A pleasant fairly flat day 7 on with a sunny afternoon. I did a prayer stop about providence. John Chenery

Basil waiting outside at prayer stop Fran Gamble