Exeter Pilgrimage 2012

Day 5: Wedmore to Glastonbury

God's Kingdom: Thy Kingdom Come
What is the meaning of the Kingdom?

Today is one of the flatter, shorter days of the pilgrimage; after visiting both the parish church and Methodist church in Wedmore, only a small hill gets in the way of a very flat morning across drain lands. Unfortunately, it being drain land means there are large drains to cross, hence leading to some large diversions to find crossing places. From our lunch stop in Westhay we follow a waterway all the way into Glastonbury, then we pass through the town centre and climb up to Glastonbury Tor, before circling back into the centre of Glastonbury for our first rest day.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 5

Mmmmm. Ginger biscuits. Gina Dickson

Sheltering frm the downpour (which lasted all morning!) at Sweets tea shop Aidan Simons

back marking in the rain today but here is some pool action John Chenery

. Way to go! Aidan Simons

Foot repairs on Aidan Simons

Abbots fish house at Meare Aidan Simons

Trapped on Aidan Simons

Gates gates and more gates on Aidan Simons

Jungle warfare on Aidan Simons

Michael Gamble having fun frontmarking Aidan Simons

Mum trying to fit in in Glastonbury with a tie die t-shirt Fran Gamble

St John's Church Glastonbury on Aidan Simons

. On Glastonbury Tor. Aidan Simons

A view up to the heavens inside #GlastonburyTor Michael Gamble

Glastonbury Tor Michael Gamble

Glastonbury Tor-y Boy - Isaac Leaver leads a reflection on the summit Aidan Simons

- coming down from Glastonbury Tor in extreme winds. Aidan Simons

Lesley Brennan

24 pilgrims from squeezed into the Mitre snug. John Chenery

bit of late night skittles Fran Gamble