Exeter Pilgrimage 2012

Day 11: Taunton to Bishopswood

God's Escape: Lead us not into Temptation
How to steer clear of temptation? What to avoid?

Refreshed by the rest day, we head South from Taunton. At first its a gentle stroll through a park and along by a stream, but by lunchtime we are up high again on the northern ridge of the Blackdown Hills. We turn eastwards to follow close to this ridge, mostly through woods, as far as Neroche Castle, an iron age hillfort and later a Norman Castle. Turning South the next highlight is the hamlet of Dommett which is of particular relevance to one pilgrim, and then the village of Buckland St Mary where said pilgrim has ancestors buried in the churchyard. After prayers there, we have half an hour of undulating walking to reach our hall.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 11

Simon very pleased to find his ancestoral home!! Jonathan Gamble

Must have been a late one. Jonathan Gamble

Pilgrims stretch out the miles! Jonathan Gamble