Exeter Pilgrimage 2012

Day 14: Sidford to Kenton

God's Supremity: For Ever and Ever
Eternal Life

Our last full day is definitely not short of interest, with a walk through the lovely seaside town of Sidmouth, a fantastic coastal walk and a ferry! After heading into Sidmouth we follow the well walked South West coastal path all the way to Exmouth, which is not lacking in one or two hills. Due to the need to be on time to catch the ferry across the mouth of the river Exe, timings must be strictly kept to, and no doubt the back markers will be snapping at your feet to ensure that they avoid the swim later on. After the ferry there is a 40 minute walk to Kenton Victory hall, our last stop before Exeter!

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 14

crosses the route of pilgrimage1996 on the outskirts of Sidmouth as we make an early start John Chenery

Out of Sidmouth URC then we are on the seafront John Chenery

Most of the gang are on the Starcross ferry one hour early. John Chenery

It's been a wet and windy day on the SW coast path on - unlike 1996 John Chenery

Train in background John Chenery

Another attempt at a train tweet for Julian John Chenery

Waiting for the ferry, Roger sporting his new clothes, the bag providing the evidence! Jonathan Gamble

That's an Andy Stevens house if ever I've seen it! Jonathan Gamble

Finally some sunshine!! Gina Dickson

Deery me, we're almost there (apologies, blame Jonathan Gamble for that one)! Gina Dickson