Exeter Pilgrimage 2012

Day 8: Bridgwater to Crowcombe

God's Provision: Give us this day our Daily Bread
What is our Daily Bread? Is it more than Food?

Heading west out of Bridgwater we again find more hilly terrain, this time in the form of the Quantock hills. In the foothills we pass through the villages of Goathurst and Enmore before our lunch stop at The Lamb at Four Forks, who are opening especially for us. Following this we visit one last church in Spaxton before heading up into the Quantocks for the remainder of the walk until we descend into Crowcombe. Be aware that on the final stretch the drinks car may not be able to get to us, so make sure you have enough water to reach the end of the walk.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 8

Muddy humid morning with prayer stops from Ceri and Jack John Chenery

on top of the quantocks Fran Gamble

running through the mud did not help Kevin Fran Gamble

Big ascent this afternoon on . Up and over the Quantocks ridge to Crowcombe. John Chenery

asleep with shoes on, fair game? Fran Gamble

Old pilgrim Althea phoned and said God bless to the gang. She had had 2 days of torrential rain in Wales. I reassured h ... John Chenery

I am a clean pilgrim on Crowcombe village hall has showers! John Chenery