The Bristol to Arundel Pilgrimage 2023

Day 8: Ludgershall to Andover

A pleasant country walk with plenty of variety. In the morning there are extensive woods but also a wildflower meadow. Look out for butterflies. You might catch a glimpse of the ancient earthwork in the woods after the meadow. Our route into central Andover from the final prayer stop is along the Brenda Parker Way which follows the river Anton and its associated lakes. (Brenda Parker was an esteemed local Ramblers volunteer). Our accommodation tonight is split between two halls, facing each other on opposite sides of Bridge St.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 8

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Boots on! Aidan Simons

Ludgershall memorial hall, where we passed a quiet night Aidan Simons

St James Aidan Simons

Front marker John Aidan Simons

St James Ludgershall, where we had morning prayer. The altar frontal was made by Ukrainians in the village. Aidan Simons

Ludgershall Village Cross Janet Catterick

Hm.... fred.adilz

Rural Wiltshire Janet Catterick

Rural Wiltshire Janet Catterick

Cuckoo pint Janet Catterick

Through the woods - rather wet underfoot and challenging undergrowth Aidan Simons

Rural Wiltshire Janet Catterick

Sitting around at a drink stop Aidan Simons

Maureen emerges from the bushes - thank goodness the front markers had cut back around the stile Aidan Simons


Design for an Appleshaws Tapestry, displayed in the parish church John Chenery

The Walnut Tree, Appleshaw, where we were made very welcome for lunch Aidan Simons

Maurice enjoying the Walnut Tree Inn Janet Catterick

Post lunch prayers stop, St Peter in the Woods Aidan Simons

St Peter in the Wood, Appleshaw Aidan Simons

St Peter in the Wood, Appleshaw Aidan Simons

The original turn-stile Aidan Simons

Penton Mewsey

Approaching Holy Trinity Penton Mewsey Aidan Simons

Rectors since 1292! fred.adilz

Gill leads prayer stop #2 Aidan Simons

Anne doing press ups as punishment for not knowing who Beryl Burton was (famous female cyclist) Aidan Simons

Paul's collection of historic road bikes. We had a good chat about cycling, our pilgrimage, etc Aidan Simons

Approaching Andover

Passing various lakes as we navigate the outskirts of Andover Aidan Simons

We passed the parish church in our way into Andover Aidan Simons

Inside the Catholic church Aidan Simons

Window at the Catholic church Aidan Simons

St John the Baptist Catholic church, where many of us attended the vigil mass. Aidan Simons