The Bristol to Arundel Pilgrimage 2023

Day 7: Pewsey to Ludgershall

Following Mass in the Holy Family Catholic church, pilgrims will journey from Pewsey over Pewsey Hill with its White Horse to the Everleigh Barrows. From there the journey continues on to Collingbourne Ducis for lunch in the Tipple Inn. After lunch and prayers in St Andrews Parish Church, pilgrims will go through Collingbourne Wood, past the ruins of Ludgershall Castle and Cross, on to the Memorial Hall in Ludgershall.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 7

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Holy Family church where we celebrated mass before starting our walk, having been welcomed by the parish priest. Aidan Simons

Stained glass window Holy Family Church Pewsey Janet Catterick

Climbing out of Pewsey in the rain. Aidan Simons

Unusual prohibitions by a tumulus Aidan Simons

Pilgrims, heads down in the rain, but not despondent. Aidan Simons

Véronique concentrates on getting her photo despite the rain Aidan Simons

Collingbourne Wood Cathedral canopy gillgodber

Collingbourne Ducis

Pilgrims' faces hidden in the garden of the Tipple Inn John Chenery

Lunch is a chance to catch up with the support team. We appreciated that the rain had ceased. Aidan Simons

Tipple Inn, Collingbourne Ducis Aidan Simons

Tipple Inn, Collingbourne Ducis Aidan Simons

St Andrews Collingbourne Ducis, prayers straight after lunch Aidan Simons

Hazel and Michael amble to the church Aidan Simons

Crosses for the ladies who came out to make us tea, and cake! Aidan Simons

Anne (and Toby the sock puppet) led an entertaining and thought provoking reflection Aidan Simons

Louise loves a fleabitten grey Aidan Simons

Friendly horses wanted petting. Aidan Simons

Through the muddy woods: concentration on foot placement was essential. Aidan Simons

A real cottage garden fred.adilz

Foxes and hares fred.adilz

Evan and Joy leading us out of the woods Aidan Simons


Ludgershall Castle Aidan Simons

Ludgershall castle ruins, nearing the end of the day Aidan Simons