The Bristol to Arundel Pilgrimage 2023

Day 2: Bristol to Bath

We start our pilgrimage with a fairly long day's walk but it is mostly along shared footway/cycleways so easy walking. The terrain is varied: mostly alongside the River Avon but also along disused railway lines and some roads and other paths. The Sunday morning service that we are attending is Choral Matins at St Mary Redcliffe which was described by Queen Elizabeth I as “The fairest, goodliest and most famous parish church in England” when she visited Bristol in 1574. Those wanting to receive Anglican Communion today should miss some of breakfast and make their way to the 8am service in Bristol Cathedral. Our accommodation in Bath is split between an RC church and the adjacent primary school.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 2

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Ooh! When I wake up, I see a church ceiling John Chenery

Norbert checks the news before we leave Aidan Simons

Dead or Alive? Aidan Simons

Leaving St Stephen's John Chenery

Leaving St Stephen's in the rain Aidan Simons

Heading for St Mary Redcliffe John Chenery

Matins at St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

You can see why Queen Elizabeth I described it as the most beautiful parish church in England Aidan Simons

The glorious East Window in St Mary's Aidan Simons

In St Mary's Churchyard, this tramline is left where it landed after being thrown over adjoining buildings by a high explosive bomb in World War 2 John Chenery

QE1 at St Mary's Aidan Simons

Display in St Mary Redcliffe John Chenery

St Mary's Redcliffe Aidan Simons

Is that Wallace and Gromit? Danny Thomas

The pilgrims have started to walk John Chenery

Drinks / Coffee stop at Conham River Park Danny Thomas

Form an orderly queue! Aidan Simons

Frontmarkers on the Avon River trail fred.adilz

The Avon, our companion for much of the day Aidan Simons

River Level, January 2023 Danny Thomas

Where that yellow line was... Danny Thomas

Maurice was tempted by a pint of Hicks before the official lunch stop Aidan Simons

Day 2 Danny Thomas

Day 2 Danny Thomas

Lunch at the Lock-keeper Inn, Keynsham

Just over half way! fred.adilz

Lock-keeper Inn Danny Thomas

View back as we cross to lunch. Danny Thomas

Pilgrims lunching at the Lockeeper Inn John Chenery

Day 2 Danny Thomas

A veritable village of boats Aidan Simons

Avon Valley Railway

Day 2 Danny Thomas

And the Avon Valley railway steam train express. Casey Jones at the engine? fred.adilz

Chug Chug Danny Thomas

Coupled John Chenery

Day 2 Danny Thomas

St Mary, Saltford

St Mary, Saltford, our afternoon prayer stop Aidan Simons

St Mary's Saltford, where Chris talked about why we started our pilgrimage in Bristol Aidan Simons

Looking down on the Avon from our disused railway trail John Chenery

Our Lady & St Alphege RC, Bath

Front markers arrive fred.adilz

Geoff arrives in Bath Aidan Simons

Hoorah! We've arrived!! Aidan Simons

St John's Primary School, Bath

Our accommodation at St John's Primary School, next door to the church Danny Thomas

A spacious modern hall Danny Thomas