The Bristol to Arundel Pilgrimage 2023

Day 1: Travel to Bristol and Induction

Suggestions for other places to visit in Bristol. Below is a list of some of the many other Christian sites in Bristol that you may want to visit before or after registering. There is no need to wait around after registering. You may make your own way to the cathedral for Evensong, rather than waiting for the “official” departure at 15.00, and you could visit the Lord Mayor’s Chapel on the way.

1) The Oldest Methodist Building in the World

2) Clifton Cathedral (Bristol RC Cathedral, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year)

3) The Lord Mayor’s Chapel, grade I listed, newly open to the public this year, opposite side of the green to the Anglican Cathedral

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 1

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Car loaded: we're off to Bristol! Aidan Simons

St Stephen's Church, Bristol


For some, finding a bed space is the top priority. Danny Thomas

"Aisle" sleep here? Danny Thomas

The lofty heights of our sleeping accommodation at St Stephen's Danny Thomas

Beautifully restored St Stephens, our first overnight fred.adilz

Pilgrims rest in St Stephen's church Bristol Susan Adilz

Prostrate thyself before the altar Aidan Simons

We are spending the night with this guy... St Stephen's church, Bristol Aidan Simons

Around Bristol, before Evensong

Temple Church tower from Victoria Street - the church itself has walls but no roof. Aidan Simons

Church of St Thomas the Martyr - and cranes Aidan Simons

St Stephen's Church tower Aidan Simons

College Green and cathedral, Bristol fred.adilz

Lord Mayor's chapel, Bristol Susan Adilz

Bristol Cathedral, where we attended Evensong and had the Pilgrimage Induction Service, welcomed by the Canon. Susan Adilz

Lord Mayor's chapel, Bristol Susan Adilz

Evensong and Induction Service at Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral of the Holy and Undivided Trinity Aidan Simons

Interior of the Cathedral Aidan Simons

In Bristol Cathedral Danny Thomas

The Elder Lady Chapel where we had our Induction Service after Evensong Aidan Simons

Induction service and receiving of crosses fred.adilz

Bristol Cathedral Fr Tony Milner

Beautiful modern font in Bristol Cathedral Aidan Simons

Cathedral rood screen and choir Aidan Simons

The Cathedral Cloister Aidan Simons

Leaving the cathedral John Chenery

Leaving the cathedral John Chenery

Vigil Mass at St Mary on the Quay

Filing into St Mary on the Quay for vigil mass Aidan Simons

St Mary on the Quay - built when Catholic churches weren't allowed to look like churches. Aidan Simons

St Mary on the Quay - statue Aidan Simons

St Mary on the Quay, where Fr Tony celebrated the vigil mass Aidan Simons

Dinner in St Stephen's ; coordinator David's nightly address to the pilgrims John Chenery


Our accommodation for the first night Fr Tony Milner

Sister Teresa's Service of Compline between dinner & pudding! Susan Adilz

Not such a bad view from your bed... Aidan Simons