The Bristol to Arundel Pilgrimage 2023

Day 16: Journey Home

We need to clear all our kit before going to the 9.15. mass in the Cathedral as the upper hall is used for post-mass coffee – but we may stow it in the upper hall small room.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 16

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St Nicholas' Church, Arundel

0800 Holy Communion, St Nicholas, Arundel Susan Adilz

Miaow! Church cat Susan Adilz

St Nicholas, Arundel Susan Adilz

Final packing, Cathedral Centre

Pre-mass outside the cathedral centre John Chenery

It's a sunny morning. John Chenery

Van about to leave John Chenery

Drinks car about to leave John Chenery

Mass, Arundel Cathedral

Final Farewells

Back to the cathedral centre for coffee after Sunday morning mass. Joan had arrived to whisk Bernie away. John Chenery

Luggage unloaded for storage. Safe journey home pilgrims. Susan Adilz