The Bristol to Arundel Pilgrimage 2023

Day 13: Petersfield to Midhurst

Today we follow the Serpent Trail, which runs through the greensand hills which are prominent to the north of the western end of the South Downs. The trail links together areas of heath land and woods, and it lives up to its name as it constantly changes direction until the long downhill stretch towards Midhurst. We only leave the trail to take short cuts, to get to the lunch pub, and at the end of the day. Expect a very friendly welcome at the prayer stop in Midhurst which is not to be missed. Then we are split between 2 halls: the Methodist Church and the Old Library.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 13

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A welcome break... straight after breakfast verymike

Having fun with the royals... verymike

A French queen ... Queen Veronique? verymike

Giggling Queen Bernie verymike

A proper serious queen! Queen Moira. verymike

Queen Lyn verymike

Queen Sue! verymike

Queen Sue! verymike

Veronique shares her early experiences with the Fondacio Community in France Susan Adilz

Veronique led us in prayer in Midhurst Fr Tony Milner

Snake's way ... we are following the twisty Serpent Trail today verymike

Front markers taking a break John Chenery

Tree root Susan Adilz

Another snake on the Serpent Trail? verymike

An idea of today's weather? verymike

Fr Tony always there for support.... verymike


Sometimes front markers set a challenge to the backmarkers..... verymike

It's just water from the sky... verymike

Stedham, just after lunch Aidan Simons

Back markers verymike

Susan Adilz

Susan Adilz


Midhurst Pond Aidan Simons

Pilgrims heading into Midhurst Aidan Simons

Arriving in Midhurst fred.adilz

A warm welcome in Midhurst parish church Aidan Simons

After the rain....... verymike

After the rain....... verymike

Susan Adilz

Tea, biscuits & Evening Prayer at SS Mary Magdalene & Denys, Midhurst Susan Adilz

Flags in Midhurst parish church Aidan Simons

Window in Midhurst parish church Aidan Simons

Aidan gives us a very useful history of our group verymike

Remembering pilgrims who have died, in Midhurst Methodist Church where most of us stayed. Fr Tony Milner

Planning for the future.... verymike

The Deceased Pilgrims Memorial Service is over but the candles still burn John Chenery

Always some energy left for a cheerful singalong in the Midhurst Club verymike

Fran, the youngest pilgrim on our first pilgrimage in 1975, met us for a beer and a sing-song in the Midhurst Club. Aidan Simons