DABEWP Old Way Pilgrimage 2021 Southampton-Rye

Day 8: Steyning to Pyecombe

Today's Notes: 1. Note that the church we start from is not the same church as we finished at yesterday.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 8

St Andrew and St Cuthman's as we approach from the Catholic Church Aidan Simons

Catching up with pilgrims we haven't seen for a while Aidan Simons

Different pilgrims have joined us today. Aidan Simons

The dramatic interior of St Andrew and St Cuthman's - it was once even longer. Aidan Simons

Modern stained glass window Aidan Simons

St. Andrew and St. Cuthman, Steyning Danny Thomas

Very warm welcome and historical presentation of St Cuthman at the start of our walk

Gathering outside St Andrew and St Cuthman, Steyning John Chenery

Mark and Danny, today's leaders John Chenery

St Cuthman windows John Chenery

St Cuthman statue John Chenery

St Andrew and St Cuthman, Steyning John Chenery

St Nicholas, Bramber John Chenery

At St Nicholas in Bramber

St Nicholas' simple and ancient interior Aidan Simons

Bramber John Chenery

Happy Frontmarkers Danny Thomas

In St Botolphs where we had a prayer for deceased pilgrims. John Chenery

St Botolphs

St Botolphs John Chenery

St Botolphs John Chenery

The frontmarkers have made it to Edburton Church Aidan Simons

Window in Edburton Church Aidan Simons

Meanwhile, the Chief route planner, having gone the wrong way after St Botolphs, catches up with the backmarkers! fred.adilz

Fulking - one spring Aidan Simons

Maurice stopped for fueling of tea and cake before the hill

Guess where the backmarkers found Maurice fred.adilz

... Guess what they did then (nice bakewell tarts!) fred.adilz

Marilyn and Simon resting at the top of Truleigh Hill John Chenery

It's a long way down to Edburton Church (visible to the right of the signpost) John Chenery

Along the road at the foot of the downs John Chenery

Village sign has seen better days John Chenery

Todays leaders Mark and Danny. with fellow frontmarker Aidan, and John. John Chenery

Lunch at The Shepherd and Dog, Fulking John Chenery

Fulking - the other spring Aidan Simons

Front marker pauses for breath Aidan Simons

Climbing back to the top of the downs John Chenery

John found the best spot!

wild flowers on the downs John Chenery

Lovely lunch, now for the climb fred.adilz

Follow those arrows! fred.adilz

Front markers summit another hill Aidan Simons

⁦⁩ Lonely frontmarker Danny Thomas

Devils Dyke, looking North fred.adilz

Church of the Transfiguration, Pyecombe Aidan Simons

Inside Pyecombe Chuch Aidan Simons

Inside Pyecombe Chuch, known as the Shepherds' Church Aidan Simons

Another climb John Chenery

Besides the A23. Racing pigeons... and cars? John Chenery

Shepherd's gate as demonstrated by Michael

At #Pyecombe #Church. Thanks to all for your company on a great walk with the A&B pilgrims Simon Quail

Goodbye at the end of our day.... before we meet again