DABEWP Old Way Pilgrimage 2021 Southampton-Rye

Day 6: Chichester to Arundel

Today's Notes: 1. Note the the church we start from is not the same as the church we finished On Tuesday.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 6

Today we start in Chichester Cathedral, in the Lady Chapel John Chenery

Walking as one group through Chichester, Steven leading today's walk John Chenery

Follow the arrow man... this and other uncredited photos were taken by Veronique.

St Peter's, Westhampnett John Chenery

In St Peter's John Chenery

in Boxgrove John Chenery

St Mary & St Blaise Boxgrove where there is a parish service at this time John Chenery

Our prayer stop is the Boxgrove Priory ruins John Chenery

Leading prayers, Sue starts by tells us about Tineke's Tail, and Kester. John Chenery

Listening attentively

John Chenery

Pilgrims in a labyrinth ....

Pilgrim coming to the rescue

Eartham John Chenery

St Margaret's, Eartham John Chenery

A trio of Lambs visited us at lunch in the George, Eartham John Chenery

John Chenery

The George, Eartham John Chenery

St Richard RC, Slindon John Chenery

John A backpacking through Rewell Wood John Chenery

Rewell Wood John Chenery

John Chenery Lovely pic! Danny Thomas

Roman Catholic Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Diocesan walking pilgrimage heading into HQ, on our way from Southampton to Rye John Chenery

Gathered at the entrance to Arundel Cathedral John Chenery

Some pilgrims gathered for dinner before dispersing to their various accomodation venues.