DABEWP Old Way Pilgrimage 2021 Southampton-Rye

Day 15: Westfield to Rye

Today's Notes: 1. Saturday evening vigil mass included at the end for those who want it.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 15

St John the Baptist, Westfield John Chenery

The lovely side aisle in st John the baptist, Westfield fred.adilz

Penny is doing the drinks car today, helped by dog Jazz. John Chenery

More of the gang at the drinks stop. John Chenery

Halfway to lunch fred.adilz

Queen's Head, Icklesham John Chenery

Last day Celebration Lunch at the Queens Head, Icklesham John Chenery

Coordinator Chris expresses her thanks to everyone who has helped organise this pilgrimage John Chenery

All Saints and St Nicholas, Icklesham John Chenery

A Sussex oast house John Chenery

St Thomas, Winchelsea John Chenery

Michael leads our prayers in Winchelsea John Chenery

Inside St Thomas John Chenery

Leaving Winchelsea John Chenery

Camber Castle John Chenery

Approaching Rye John Chenery

St Mary, Rye John Chenery

Found all the pilgrims had just been ejected by a warden who closed the church Louise

Nobody had told the warden about us. John Chenery

Welcome at St Anthony's RC church by Matthew fred.adilz

Nick's houses in Rye? James Brodie

Nick's houses in Rye? James Brodie

Pilgrims and parishioners after the parish Mass at St Anthony, Rye John Chenery

Tea and cake in the garden behind the church John Chenery

And so ended our Old Way Pilgrimage, a different kind of pilgrimage to our usual as were weren't living as a Christian community for 2 weeks, sleeping on hall floors. But a pilgrimage none the less. Congratulations to coordinator Chris for persuading us that a pilgrimage of day walks, each one starting where the previous one left off was viable and for making it happen with the support of the committee John Chenery

Great to see the Arundel & Brighton Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimage will walk the Way (postponed to 2022). They note… https://t.co/8hvw4M2Xpj The St Thomas Way

Let us know if we can offer any further help, guidance or information about Thomas of Hereford or William Cragh and… https://t.co/USR154aL0z The St Thomas Way