DABEWP Old Way Pilgrimage 2021 Southampton-Rye

Day 13: Polegate to Penhurst

Today's Notes: 1. Note that the church we start from is not the same church as we finished at yesterday.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 13

St George's RC Church where we were surprised to find a parish mass starting at 10.00 so we joined it! Louise and I are leading today so not many photos from me. John Chenery

These things are big!! fred.adilz

The turbines and the downs; opposite of yesterday's view. John Chenery

View back towards the west fred.adilz

Herstmoncieux Church John Chenery

Outside the church, featuring fellow front marker Fred and John R who is doing the drinks car today and tomorrow. John Chenery

Herstmoncieux Castle John Chenery

A bed space for tonite? James Brodie

Herstmoncieux Observatory John Chenery

Lunch stop (but as expected, too late for pub food): the Bulls Head, Boreham Street John Chenery

More folk in the Bulls Head. We were a small group today. John Chenery

It's a Harveys pub and a historically significant one! John Chenery

To make up for only one church stop today, we included a second pub stop! The Ash Tree Inn at Brown Bread Street. John Chenery

My frontmarker Fred and I have made it to St Michael the Archangel, Penhurst. John Chenery