DABEWP Old Way Pilgrimage 2021 Southampton-Rye

Day 1: Induction and Southampton to Hamble

Today's Notes: 1. We don't envisage that everybody will start at Southampton Station, rather only those who arrive by train, hence Mettricks Guildhall Café Bar is designated "meeting point". 2. Those carrying their own lunch have the option of eating at the Pear Tree Church instead or the nearby Pear Tree pub which does not do food so lets customers eat their own. 3. To go on the tower tour, which is arranged for our group, at the Royal Victoria Chapel, you will need to pay £3.25. 4. At the end of the walk, the parishioners of St Andrew will be providing us with refreshments!

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 1

Pilgrims gathered to start from Southampton Station John Chenery

A bigger group at Mettricks Café. John Chenery

The Chief Route Planner checks his coordinates Aidan Simons

The front markers are ready for the off Aidan Simons

The pilgrims follow on Aidan Simons

Up onto the city's mediaeval walls Aidan Simons

Henriette passes the Tudor House Aidan Simons

St Michael the Archangel, oldest building in Southampton John Chenery

Pilgrim crosses given out at St Michael's church. Appropriately, Michael is about to get his. John Chenery

Window in St Michael's Aidan Simons

Holy Rood ruined church Aidan Simons

Checking the Medieval Merchants House Aidan Simons

St Joseph's Bugle Street Aidan Simons

Passing the Friary site Aidan Simons

Passing the Friary site Aidan Simons

View from the Itchen Bridge Aidan Simons

Pilgrims lunch after the Itchen Bridge Aidan Simons

Bruce used disposable masks to make this year's pilgrimage crosses. John Chenery

Lunch at the Yacht Tavern. John Chenery

I've been on backmarking duty so not very thorough with my tweets this morning. John Chenery

Inside Pear Tree Church Aidan Simons

Inside Pear Tree Church Aidan Simons

Pear Tree Church named after a pear tree planted by Queen Elizabeth I John Chenery

Inside Netley Abbey Aidan Simons

Netley Abbey Ruins John Chenery

Royal Victoria Chapel John Chenery

Top of the Royal Victoria Tower. How many steps was that? John Chenery

View from the tower John Chenery

Inside Royal Victoria Chapel (now a museum) Aidan Simons

Skirting the oil terminal Aidan Simons

Today's destination: St Andrew the Apostle, Hamble-le-Rice Aidan Simons

St Andrew the Apostle Aidan Simons